How To Write Hard To Test Code & What To Look For When Reviewing Other Peoples Hard To Test Code

October 28th, 2009 · 6 Comments ·

Here are my slides which Cory Smith and I have presented this morning at OOPSLA 2009.

The ability to write hard to test code is innate in every developer form the moment we have built our first “Hello World” application. It is so automatic that we do not even know when we are doing it. On the other hand writing testable code requires that you un-learn this behavior. In this tutorial you will learn how to recognize the red flags in the code and what are the common solutions for them. We will look at sample code representing common development practices and look into subtleties why this code is hard to test and how to fix it. The goal of the tutorial is to arm you with knowledge of how to write code which can be tested using small focused tests.

Slides: view slides in PDF format here

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