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If you see this text, than you are not reading this blog on our site, and the page will be static. To get the full effect please read the original blog on http://blog.getangular.com/2009/09/26/hello-world-angular-is-here/

Hi I am <angular/>! What is your name? (Please enter your name into the text box).

Hello {{person.name}}! Please to meet you!

We would like to introduce to you a new way of building web applications! All you need is basic working of HTML & CSS and you can declaratively build a web-application in minutes.

Here are the kinds of things yo can do:

  • Bring static HTML to life with just a few keystrokes.
  • Persist your data in the cloud
  • Embed your application in existing web page, such as this blog article

Here is what you need to know:

  • Basic Knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Optional: JavaScript if you want to take the application to the next level.

Here is what you DO NOT NEED to know:

  • Databases or SQL.
  • Back end technology such as Java, Ruby, C# or the likes.
  • For most things, you don’t even need to be a programer.

Well {{person.name}}, believe it or not, but this page is just a wordpress blog written in few minutes with a text editor. I have than added few extra angular tags to the HTML and the page came alive as you can see. Let me take you on the tour of what <angular/> can do.

Why don’t you tell me what you like to do for fun:


{{person.name}} likes to:

  • {{hobby}} [ X ]

Now lets save your hobbies:

Great! here is a QR code which if you scan with your iPhone (App: NeoReader) or Android Phone (App: Barcode reader) it will take you back to this page:


Congrats {{person.name}}, you have successfully saved your hobbies to the cloud. To access them later here is a permanent url which you can send to your friends or use to edit your hobbies later: {{$window.location.href}}

I am sure you are wondering how all of this magic is made. Well, here is a hint, go watch the screen-cast here. Than come back and check the source of this page, as well as the debug view of the internal state of the page here:


<angular/> is still in beta, but we are looking for few brave souls to start building web apps and give us feedback. As a beta user we will work closely with you to help you get started and resolve any issues which you may run into. If interested, sign up on our mailing list (http://groups.google.com/group/angular) and send us an email with the kind of application you would like to build.

Happy coding and looking forward to hear from you…

The <angular/> team.

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